Colloidal Silver - The Hidden Truths

Complete list of section headings

 The regulation of the TGA
 Regulation of Colloidal Silver
 Current Situation
 International Herald Tribune
 Scientist resurrecting uses of silver as antiseptic
 Colloidal Silver
 The uses of Colloidal Silver
 My story
 The Candida curses
 Friendly bacteria
 Got me started on Colloidal Silver
 The return of silver in medicine
 Some uses of silver
 The amazing untold story
 The search of truth begins
 Unknown viruses
 Cholera's re-emergence
 What is Original Colloidal Silver?
 De-ionised water
 The effect of Colloidal Silver
 Fox Chase Cancer Centre, USA
 Editor's note
 My dosage
 Applied Kinesiology
 Body buildup and elimination
 Author's note
 Chemotherapy improves survival by only 2.3%
 Doctors bury their mistakes
 Many other uses of silver
 Colonic irrigation
 Result of Colloidal Silver in Lyme disease
 Bactericidal activity of test specimen
 Broth dilution of test specimen
 Cancer research
 How silver works against all fungi
 How silver works against all viruses
 Colloidal Silver versus pharmaceutical antibiotics
 Drug companies and the TGA
 The history of Argyria
 Colloidal Silver is non allergenic
 Ingesting Colloidal Silver
 What is colloidal?
 Visual qualities
 The yellow colour
 Safety and effectiveness
 The effects of friendly bacteria
 Adverse effects
 Suggested dosage
 Spray or inhaler
 Douches and colonics
 Digestive aid
 Sun spots
 For animals
 For plants
 Eliminating deadly poisons
 Combating waterborne disease
 Colloidal Silver proteins
 Medical disaster unavoidable
 A.I.D.S. (Acquired Immune Deficient Syndrome
 Understanding and preventing common colds
 What is common cold?
 The final story
 First international victory
 The Codex Alimentarius
 Codex: What does it mean?
 Original Colloidal Copper formula
 Colloidal Gold and cancer
 DNA booster
 Colloidal Platinum formula
 Key ingredients of Original Colloidal Platinum
 Proven uses of colloids around the world
 Colloidal Gold
 Antiseptic action
 Bactericidal experiments
 The following experiments
 Colloidal Silver in sepsis
 The therapeutic of colloidal preparations
 Parasitic infections
 Properties of colloidal preparations of metals
 Chemico-physical properties of Colloidal Silver
 Ultra-microscopic examination
 Tyndall's beam
 Dialysis and ultra filtration
 Ultra filtration experiments
 Diffusion experiments
 Analytical report on collosols iodine
 Colloidal preparations in metals
 Pharmacological action of colloidal metal
 Fate of colloidal metal in the body
 Surgery, Gynecology and obstetrics
 Journal of urology
 Toxicity of Colloidal Silver
 Treatment of acute gonorrhea
 Treatment of chronic arthritis
 Experience with Colloidal Silver treatment of cancer
 Catadyn Silver
 Water sterilisation by silver
 F.D.A. in the USA and T.G.A. in Australia
 Colloidal Silver Research Association
 Home Colloidal Silver generators
 All colloidal products
 My guarantee
 Order form (The House Of Courtenay)
 ... and many more not listed!