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Article by Dhyana L. Coburn

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Article by Dhyana L Coburn

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Article from Science Digest - March 1978

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Colloidal Silver - A Healthy Silver Lining


By Dhyana L. Coburn

Colloidal Silver is still in the news. Nature's alternative to antibiotics kicks butt. It is a modern day NATURAL "wonder drug" that kills bugs, germs, nasty beasties, as well as the evil super-germs. Research shows it to be effective against HIV, Streptococcus-A, gonorrhea, Salmonella Typhi, cancers, chronic fatigue, yeast infections, sinus infections, gum disease, and hundreds of pathogens and ailments. Research continues to exhibit positive results on testing of a variety of germs. The colloidal particles progressively diffuse throughout the blood and give prolonged therapeutic response. Thousands of people enjoy the benefits of using colloidal silver. The CS healing potion is used both internally and externally. It is a tremendous benefit to apply CS to wounds, body piercings, and skin eruptions such as acne. It can be applied to eyes and other delicate mucus membranes with no irritation because it is extremely gentle and doesn't sting.

How Does It Work?

Colloidal silver kills invading microbes by dissolving an enzyme that metabolizes oxygen of primitive organisms. This process is an electrochemical reaction. The cell can't breathe, then suffocates and dies. That's why it works on all types of germs, including the super-germs. Metallic and chelated minerals carry a positive charge, but colloidal bioelectric minerals carry a negative charge. Therefore, another way colloidal silver inhibits germ growth is that the negative charge on the colloidal silver clusters binds up with the positive charge on the pathogen. This causes an interruption of the biological function of the organism, which then cannot reproduce. It fizzles out. Voila, no more germs. What does this mean? For one thing, it means that we are fortunate to have available to us, at a very nominal price, a germ killer that is completely safe. It empowers us to get off of the antibiotic merry-go-round that is so popular, yet disturbingly over-prescribed. It means we have a choice. We have a healthy alternative. With proper cleansing, herbs, and natural healing, everyone can be free of disease - without drugs, and without spending a fortune. We have hope.

Intestinal Flora & Fauna

Former teacher of physics and chemistry, Howard Mitchell of Virginia, recently conducted a series of experiments with colloidal silver. He found that CS has no effect on acidophilus, the "good bacteria" found in the stomach. Mitchell used concentrations forty times higher than what might be expected to destroy other forms of bacteria. It shows that even in large dosages, the intestinal flora will flourish. In fact, there is speculation that the silver ions may be advantageous in stimulating a vigorous growth of beneficial bacteria, helping to boost the immune system. This is good news! Some people experience diarrhea when they ingest too much CS. No problem, they cut back on the amount of CS, and the lactobacilli counts return to normal within 12 hours without any intervention.

Silver Luster of Global Potential

Colloidal Silver is being used worldwide. As Robert O. Becker states in his book (page 167), The Body Electric, "Of course, the germ-killing action of silver has been known for some time, the Soviets use silver ions to sterilize recycled water aboard their space stations. It kills even antibiotic-resistant strains, and also works on fungus infections." NASA also chose a silver water filter system aboard the space shuttles. More than half the world's airlines use silver water filters.

The Japanese are really on the forefront of the CS explosion. Japanese firms use silver to purify air, converting carbon monoxide to harmless carbon dioxide. They also use CS, replacing toxic chlorine for scrupulously washing foods, such as raw chicken. Chlorine has many dangerous side effects, yet is widely accepted and used everywhere. It's nice to see alternatives are now being considered and used. Also in Japan, silver thread is sewn into some clothing to protect from the sun's ultra-violet rays. In Israel, bandages of colloidal silver are used on burn victims because the CS promotes healing and regeneration. There is a city in England that uses CS to sterilize their city water.

Plants & Animals in Silver Halo

Many testimonials have been shared and documented about the benefits people have found using colloidal silver for their beloved pets. Eye infections, cuts, abscesses, stomach ailments, skin rashes, the list goes on and on. Colloidal silver has been used to successfully treat cats, dogs, pigs, horses, birds, and every kind of pet. Because CS is simply added to the pet's drinking water, it is very easy to administer. Animals seem to love it. You can't really overdose with colloidal silver, so it takes the worry out of prescribing. The usual dose would be a teaspoon per average bowl of drinking water.

Gardeners have started using colloidal silver on their plants. Good results have been seen with herbs and vegetables, as well as flowers. Some report larger, more attractive veggies. It is used on common plant problems with a high rate of success. It is a good idea to add a spoonful of CS to a vase of cut flowers to help the flowers last longer. It really works!Go To Top

The Argyria Controversy

So why all the negative press? There are reports circulating about the negative side effect of colloidal silver called Argyria. What is it? A discoloration of the skin caused from an over-exposure to silver metal or ingestion of inferior colloidal silver solutions made many years or so ago. The silver metal dust was retained in the body tissue and subsequently, after many years, in less than one percent of the people treated, turned the skin a grayish blue color. There is a woman on the web who is touting the danger of colloidal silver. She is definitely showing a bluish hue to her skin. She wants others to know the "danger" involved. The woman on the web definitely was not given colloidal silver that was manufactured by electricity. She either ingested a compound, silver nitrate (which is a dangerous poison), or a solution made by the Grind method. Not to go politically ballistic, but who is funding this woman? According to Kenneth Feather, an FDA Official, "It's probably shocking to people who don't know, to find the almost total control that the pharmaceutical industry has over the flow of information." It makes one wonder about the "Medical Mafia." Isn't it interesting that a new pharmaceutical drug advertised on TV and the radio lists side effects such as dizziness, diarrhea, cramps, etc. - a very long list - and yet is endorsed and sanctioned by the FDA and the AMA. What is that about? They monopolize the health care industry. It's a money game. Colloidal silver is public domain, so there is little money to be made from it. And of course, the media loves controversy. The journalists who write negative press about colloidal silver have obviously not done any research or experimentation. These negative reports are nothing but scare tactics. The colloidal silver that is made today via the electrolysis method does not cause Argyria. There is NO silver retention with colloidal silver. As a matter of fact, the silver ions pass quickly out of the body. New evidence supports the safety of colloidal silver. Although the normal dosage is anywhere from one teaspoon to one ounce per day, there are some CS users who drink 8 ounces or more daily with no side effects whatsoever.

Y2K Enthusiasts

For those of you interested in the Y2K problem, and those of you who just want to be resourceful, consider the advantages of having your own CS battery generator to make your own colloidal silver. Attack disease with a "pre-emptive strike." Enjoy the freedom and independence of making your own fresh CS with no additives, stabilizers, or coloring. Manufacture as much as you need, as you need it. Take pleasure from the privilege of sharing your solutions with friends and family. Use CS to sterilize drinking water, utilize it in the vegetable garden, as well as employing it as a safe, non-toxic antibiotic. It could very possibly save your life! You can buy CS machines within any price range, from under $100 to over $1200. They all use an electrical process; they all make small particles (approximately .001 to .006 micron), an average of 3 to 10 ppm. It is a very low cost natural alternative to the expensive and dangerous antibiotics on the market. It is non toxic. It is gentle. It is amazingly effective. It belongs to the planet and to the people. It is good medicine.

quot;1999 Dhyana L. Coburn (used with permission)

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