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Colloidal Silver

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Article from Science Digest - March 1978

Recommended Daily Amounts

Article by Dhyana L Coburn

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"Colloidal" What does it mean?

The Microsoft Encarta definition of Colloid:- "Colloid, suspension of tiny particles of one substance, called the dispersed phase, in another phase, called the continuous phase, or dispersion medium."... "Although individual colloidal particles are too small to be seen with an ordinary microscope, they can be made visible by means of an ultramicroscope, or dark-field microscope."

"Colloid," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 99 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1998Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The book "Colloidal Silver: The Hidden Truths" explains the ways in which silver was prepared for consumption in days gone by, and goes into more detail about the Colloidal state, plus much, much more!

Colloidal Silver - What is it?

Colloidal silver is actually pure water which has very, very, very small ultramicroscopic particles and ions of silver spread evenly throughout the water due to a small positive charge on each atom.
... see "Colloidal" What does it mean? above.

Colloidal Silver - How is it made?

It is simply made using the electro-colloidal (electrolysis) effect of two pure silver electrodes suspended in pure distilled water. The electrodes are then attached to a generator which produces the correct voltage and of the correct time/concentration duration.
NOTE: The silver in the electrodes must be as pure as you can get.
The water must also be as pure as you can obtain.
Pharmaceutical grade distilled water should be used.
The test for pure water is if the resultant "Colloidal Silver" is cloudy, the water is not of a pure nature. Don't use cloudy Colloidal Silver.

Using Colloidal Silver for Therapeutic Use

The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) have instructed that all colloidal silver products/devices used for human therapeutic use must be entered on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods).

For information about a Colloidal Silver generator go to
No therapeutic claims are made for this device.

For Human Consumption.
Even though many people have found incredible health benefits from using colloidal silver, this web site is unable to expand on these benefits because of the limitations enforced by the TGA. 

The book
"Colloidal Silver: The Hidden Truths"
is available from this web site at a very reasonable price.
The guest book may contain personal testimonies.

As at Jan 2007 there are no Colloidal Silver Generators or products listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods).

For further information on this topic please contact the TGA Information Officer by:
Telephone on 1800 020 653
Address: PO Box 100, Woden ACT 2606

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Plants and Colloidal Silver

  • Adding Colloidal Silver to the water in the vase seems to extend the life of the cut flowers placed within.

  • Watering flower and vegetable beds with water which has Colloidal Silver added promotes growth and disease free environment. Add Colloidal Silver at approx. 3 - 6 tablespoons per gallon of water.

Please note: Two different Colloidal Silver generators are available from the following website:

If you have any experiences with Colloidal Silver in relation to your plants, please submit these through the Guest Book (see menus above) and I will add them here.

From the internet:-

"Colloidal Silver will defend the plant's system against bacteria, viruses, fungus and single celled molecular break-down.

It will kill germs, viruses, bacteria, and eradicate allergens, and pathogens.

It will stimulate healthy root growth and shiny leaves.
Extend vase life of cut flowers and help regenerate leaves and flowers/ potted plants. It will stimulate a healthy root system and new shoots in hydroponics tanks or glass containers etc., while keeping water crystal clear."  
read more from the above link.
Note: this link is unavailable at the moment.

"Diluted silver solutions are also helpful for germinating seeds into healthy inedible plant and flower sprouts. For spraying leaves and flowers we recommend 5 ppm (undiluted) of either a clear or yellow colloid."
Mark Metcalf  - read more from the above link.

"You’ll also find Colloidal Silver very handy in the garden, against bacterial, fungal, and viral attacks on plants. Simply spray diluted Colloidal Silver on the leaves, and add to soil. "
read more from the above link.

"Floral and Garden
Colloidal silver can be used to greatly extend the time before decaying begins on cut flowers. Probably due to the bacteria and other pathogens in water, cut flowers placed that medium will tend to wither and die much more quickly than cut flowers that are placed in water which has colloidal silver added to it. The colloidal silver not only kills the pathogens in the water but is subsequently absorbed into the flowers and taken to the cellular level where colloidal silver works internally to kill remaining pathogens.
A colloidal silver solution in water can also be sprayed directly onto plants and shrubs in the garden. The action of the colloidal silver positive ions work on the outside of the plants to effectively destroy bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. Garden food plants that have been sprayed with colloidal silver leave no residue, as do poison sprays, and are safe for human consumption."
read more from the above link.

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Quote found on the internet:-

"For plants, a mist of silver water is effective against fungi, bacterial and viral attacks."
- Capitol Drugs,  Creative Health

Article from Science Digest  - March 1978

Written by Jim Powell, "Our Mightiest Germ Fighter"
Read about the early studies of silver and silver compounds in medicine.


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You will need Adobe (Acrobat) Reader ver 3.0 or above
to view this file.
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Recommended Daily Amounts

Due to restrictions placed on what this web site can present (see Home page), I am not permitted to recommend any particular dosage for human usage of Colloidal Silver (see the Guest Book for other peoples recommendations).

You may search the www for this info or purchase one of the books described on this web site which give information regarding the use of Colloidal Silver.

Plants and cut flowers seem to thrive when a little colloidal silver is added to their environment (soil or water).


Spoons are not the easiest way to proportion Colloidal Silver. It may be easier to use a conical (50ml) medicine cup/dispenser.

Note:- Always store Colloidal Silver in a cool, dark cupboard away from electrical wiring and live electrical appliances -  DO NOT REFRIGERATE

Do not store Colloidal Silver in plastic containers -  always use tinted glass bottles.

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